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Connect Day Services is a fun and modern Day Centre for adults 16 years and over with learning difficulties, physical disabilities and sensory impairment. We provide specialist autism support which creates opportunities for the individual to lead a healthy, active and independent life. The Centre is situated in the heart of the community and has ground level access throughout the building. Our facilities offer a wide range of activities including a sensory room, Spa Hydrotherapy, Rebound Therapy, skilled working developing area, arts and crafts, quiet games and an allotment for outdoor gardening. Prior to becoming a regular member, you will attend several taster sessions, we will work closely with other professionals and the family to carry out an assessment suitable for your needs. Our aim is to support you to work towards your personal goals and achieve as much social independence as possible.


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The Old Bakery - Huddersfield
Hydro Therapy
The Hydrotherapy Spa is an alternative therapy. The use of warm water in a quiet environment for the therapeutic effect of alleviating the discomfort of physical impairment maintaining a range of movement. It is a series of gentle exercises which can be more manageable when carried out in a heated pool (37°C) while the water supports much of the body weight, the resistance of the water helps to strengthen the muscles. The warmth increases circulation and also reduces muscle spasms and helps to relieve the pain.
Rebound Therapy
Rebound Therapy is a form of physiotherapy. It uses trampolines to provide therapeutic exercises to people with a wide variety of disabilities and additional needs. The therapy involves using the moving bed of the trampoline to promote movement in the participant. By carrying out basic through to highly technical physiotherapy techniques on the trampoline, the therapy can provide many therapeutic and physiological benefits: Facilitate and promote movement and balance Improve fitness Increase or decrease muscle tone Help relax the participant Improve sensory integration Improve concentration and even improve communication skills
Sensory Stimulation Room
The centre has a sensory room and will provide one to one support and intensive interaction if required. Multi-Sensory Environment will improve the development of thought, intelligence and social skills. Also for people with cognitive impairments and other challenging conditions the opportunity to enjoy and control a variety of sensory experiences. Time spent in a Sensory Stimulation room has been shown to increase concentration, focus attention, improve alertness, awaken memories, and to improve mobilisation, creativity, social relations and communications, and general awareness of the surrounding world.

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