As part of our community integration project we love our Friday night discos where we invite members along with their family and friends to the centre for a party. This October we enjoyed the tastes and sounds of a Bollywood   blowout where staff and members came together to celebrate some of the various cultures present in our local community.  We spent weeks prior to the party creating decorations with members in arts and crafts, and using their input created a party playlist. At the centre we learnt a lot about Eid and the festival of light, amongst other religious traditions. All of this hard work paid off in one brilliant night where the Old Bakery community truly came together to enjoy the spirit of the festivities.  Everyone at the party really enjoyed themselves and congratulated staff and members on the décor and refreshments. It truly was a family orientated event and the turn out was impressive. We had a lot of fun and it was lovely to see everyone’s hard work and team work pay off.