After all the fun of summer we have been focusing on expanding inwards to create opportunities for even more indoor fun during the rainy months of winter. With this in mind we are opening a new room entirely focused on meeting the needs of those with autistic tendencies. Aside from some office space we are developing a state of the art sensory room which is a great calming environment for intensive interaction and sensory stimulation. We have also created a much better computer space with two work stations and a wall projector we use for movie time, and for classes from Makaton to Zumba.  

 This whole space has been created as a calm and stimulating area for individuals with autistic tendencies, away from the business of the rest of the centre. With our new activity boards and    tactile fixtures, we have enveloped everything that we believe our members could want. We have had a lot of discussions with the people that we support and included them in as much as the design as possible, we have even been on a couple of trips to IKEA to pick up decorations and of course stop off for lunch.